Hello! 🙂

Today, I am going to rant about some changes you can bring in your BEAUTY routine during this summer.

1. Have lots of water: This may sound repetitive but trust me, your skin loves water. Hydrated skin looks best, no matter what. So, go ahead, drink another glass of water and don’t skip moisturizer! Go ahead and have those melons, water melons, litchis, cucumbers, tomatoes and mangoes! 😉 They are yummy and rich in water!



2. Moisturizer: Just because you are gonna sweat, is no reason for you to skip this essential part! Replace your normal moisturizer, if needed, with a light gel based moisturizer. I live in India and fellow ladies, Lotus Herbals White Glow Whitening and Brightening Gel Creme is amazingly lightweight and moisturizes well. By the way, I have combination to oily skin. I also like using Pure Aloe Vera Gel and Pure Cucumber Gel (by Green Leaf) as moisturizers. They nourish the skin yet don’t make the skin unnaturally oily.





3. Sunscreen: It is a must! Sun causes spots and wrinkles among other things! Before, stepping in the Sun, whether or not you are going to cover your face, apply sunscreen. I prefer matte formula as it doesn’t run despite the sweat. I go with VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion in the Pineapple variant.




4. Incorporate some sandalwood stuff in your routine: Try going with Sandalwood based soaps this season, as they tend not to be oily, do a great job of making you feel clean and fresh. I love Mysore Sandal Soap. Also, you can add some sandalwood powder ( Purchase it as it is or get some sandalwood and powder it by rubbing it against a mortar and use the wood as pestle. You can use it with any face mask, be it homemade ( Yoghurt, Cucumber, Oatmeal, Rice Floor) or ready made.



5. Separate Pre- and Post- Sun Exposure Face routine: Before stepping in the Sun, go with your moisturizer and sunscreen. After coming back, splash some cold water on your face, wash your face and apply some soothing after sun gel/cream. Put up a waterproof Sunscreen before going swimming!




6. Exfoliate and Treat: Do not skip exfoliation as the sweat and dirt might build up in your pores. I have a Sandalwood Scrub too, Ha Ha! I am crazy after the wonders Sandalwood offers your skin! Treat your skin with DIY homemade face masks. Your skin might feel parched and Yogurt, Cucumber, Oatmeal, Banana do amazing things to your skin. Go with some Apple based and Citrus fruits (Lemon, Orange) masks to brighten your skin. Go with Fuller’s Clay based mask to matte-fy and freshen up your face!

That’s all!

Let me know if you tried out these tips and how you felt about them in the comments!

Love! Happy Summer!

Till next time! Hugs!



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